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Anonymous said: the first thing i have to say is i absolutely LOVE your blog! i can relate to everything! the second thing is that i just got a new CO helmet (gr8) and i had to get the biggest size because i have insanely curly hair :/ but after i ride, i get headaches. its really weird because i have enough room in it. is this normal, and is it just because it's new? i already cut the tags off, but i figure i can always sell it on ebay. the problem is theres no other companies that make a size 8. :///

Hi there! Thank you so much!!

I got headaches when I first got my CO skull cap as well. It’s common and usually happens for a little while until the molding/foam starts to shape to your head size/shape. Don’t worry- It won’t hurt for much longer. Enjoy your new helmet! x

Posted on May 18th at 3:35 PM
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